Financial Center Manager - Forest Hill Heights in Germantown, TN at First Tennessee Bank

Date Posted: 10/10/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Financial Center Manager
Forest Hill Heights Financial Center
Location: 9185 Winchester

Note: As part of the employment process for this position, you will have to meet the requirements of a background credit check. This position requires compliance with the S.A.F.E Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 and all related regulations. Ongoing employment is contingent upon meeting all such requirements.

Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM

The primary focus of the Financial Center Manager is to develop and retain long-term and profitable customer relationships, to maximize financial center revenue growth and to manage both the day-to-day and long-term performance of the center and its employees. FC Managers deliver trusted financial advice and high levels of customer value by matching FTN products and services to customer needs and goals. Duties of the FC Manager include: proactively cross-selling existing customers; managing and coordinating all aspects of the customer’s financial relationship with FTN, including but not limited to financial planning, credit, deposits, small business products, investment and insurance products; partnering with the customer and FTN specialists to identify the customer’s specific financial goals, dreams and needs; delivering personalized product/service recommendations and working with the customer to implement financial plans either directly or by leveraging the appropriate FT specialists or alternate delivery channels; proactively monitoring ongoing customer needs and market trends; and meet individual and financial center sales goals; establishing goals and monitoring the performance of the center and individual employees; coaching, motivating and setting a FirstPower example for team members; holding and attending regular center, regional, and metro-wide meetings and disseminating information as appropriate; handling day to day staffing, scheduling and employee issues.
Sales Responsibilities

50% Builds and Retains Customer Relationships
Leads and builds trusted advisor relationships with current customers through needs identification and appropriate product recommendations using poised, confident communication and presentation. Demonstrates a personal interest in customers’ financial goals. Adjusts conversation and presentation style to customers’ personalities and interests. Demonstrates ability for acquiring and retaining profitable customer relationships. Cultivates long-lasting customer relationships by providing ongoing, proactive service of total customer relationship needs. Migrates all customers to alternative delivery options for routine banking transactions (e.g., Online Banking, Bill Pay, FirstLink, ATM), while still emphasizing the importance of the customer relationship. Meets or exceeds Sales Activity Minimum Expectations for FC Manager and individual sales goals. Owns the neighborhood by getting involved in the community and developing strategic approaches to selling the area that the financial center is in. Develops and maintains a leadership role in the community to further enhance FTN’s image and expand business development. Meets or exceeds Sales Activity Minimum Expectations for Financial Center Managers, as well as individual and financial center sales and customer service goals.

Delivers Customer Value/Consultative Selling
Identifies customer financial needs using profiling skills and works with customer to develop and achieve financial goals and objectives. Becomes the customer’s trusted advisor for basic banking needs by thoroughly selling and cross-selling traditional banking products (e.g., deposits, credit, debit cards, small business). Becomes the customer’s point person for All Things Financial® by selling the benefits of non-traditional bank products such as Financial Planning, investments, and insurance and then completing a referral to the appropriate specialist teammates. Seeks FTN specialist expertise to supplement product and service recommendations as needed that will deliver greater customer value. Works with specialists to build customer understanding and confidence in recommendations and to close the sale. Introduces the customer to Financial Planning services and builds customer confidence in the process and plan outcomes. Supports Financial Planning teammates and the customer in preparation of the data gathering appointment. Follows up with customers to implement the delivered Financial Plan. Monitors customer information/products, financial plan and market trends to identify new customer needs and opportunities to deliver further customer value.

10% Teamwork / FirstPower
The financial center manager has a teamwork attitude and is committed to the FirstPower philosophy. As the sales leader of the financial center team, the manager should encourage, motivate, and train other team members. Drives and demonstrates ownership in financial center success.

30% Sales Coaching
Provides leadership and focus for the financial center. Fosters and manages a sales-oriented environment by providing ongoing performance feedback for employees, generating enthusiasm and participation in all sales campaigns, and by owning the center neighborhood personally and as a team. Manages performance development of team and ensures that employees are rewarded and recognized appropriately. . Meets or exceeds Sales Coaching Activity Minimum Expectations for Financial Center Managers.

10% Non-Sales Responsibilities
Oversees all financial center functions including staffing and scheduling. Ensures that all policies and procedures are understood and adhered to by employees. Resolves customer issues with/for employees when manager intervention is deemed necessary. Adheres to all FTN Financial policies and procedures, ensuring financial center efficiency and successful audits. . Meets or exceeds Non-Sales Activity Minimum Expectations for Financial Center Managers

Requirements Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

Advanced knowledge of First Tennessee Retail Financial Services;

Thorough knowledge of financial center operations and fundamental understanding of general bank operations;

Proficient understanding of the components of Financial Planning, Deposit products, Credit products, Small Business products, Investment and Insurance products (depending on certification levels), and Alternative Delivery Options

Ability to manage others and offer coaching and direction setting related to performance

Consistently meets or exceeds individual and financial center sales and customer service goals

Ability to disseminate information and guidelines clearly to employees and check for understanding

Ability to work independently and collaborate effectively as a team member;

Strong follow-up

Manages complaints and problems to the satisfaction of customer’s and financial center employees

Awareness of financial market trends (e.g., general state of market, rates, consumer concerns)

Ability to identify needs and make appropriate recommendations based on customer profiles.

Ability to effectively coach and counsel financial center employees, and to recognize the when each is required.

Ability to turn service and problems into sales

Self-Motivated; Sales goal oriented

Excellent verbal (face-to-face and telephone) and written communication skills, interpersonal and relationship building skills;

Excellent consultative sales and cross-selling skills;

Financial market awareness

Financial analysis skills;

Proficiency with PC based special applications;

Job Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in related experience. 2 or more years high performing sales experience demonstrated though sales awards, incentives and recognition. Experience in a financial services environment is a plus. Proven leadership ability, supervising two or more subordinate employees. Willingness to acquire Wealth Management licenses is strongly encouraged and may be required as indicated by market conditions and competitive environment.

Leads and Builds Customer Relationships:
• Builds personal relationships with customers by being attentive to their personal lives and interests and by relating to their personalities, preferences, emotions and financial dreams
• Takes a conversational approach in balancing personal rapport building and qualitative and quantitative data gathering to identify customer financial priorities and objectives
• Guides customer interactions by setting meeting agendas and leading the conversation to remain focused on maximizing time with customer to match products and services with customer needs
• Demonstrates knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm for FTN products, services and specialists in all interactions with existing and prospective customers
• Proactively cross-sells customer relationships through telephone contacts, customer referrals, networking, building relationships in the community and in reactive sales situations.
• Obtains the customer’s preferred contact information (i.e., home or work numbers, email address) for efficient follow-up questions as needed
• Accepts ultimate responsibility for the quality of the deal and customer relationship

Trusted Advisor/Personal Impact:
• Proactively and systematically educates customers about financial strategies and FT products and services (e.g., Financial Planning, Deposits, Investments, Insurance, Credit, Small Business) based on customer needs
• Communicates in an honest and straightforward manner with the customer
• Builds customer awareness of personal experience, certifications and licensing, FTN support team and focus on delivering customer value
• Attentively listens to customer questions and concerns to identify level of financial knowledge and customer priorities
• Draws from experience, completed financial plans and specialist support to appeal to the customer’s life stage, financial knowledge level and priorities for effective customer communication
• Delivers on customer commitments
• Respects the confidentiality of the customer relationship

Financial Analysis, Planning & Judgement:
• Analyzes customer’s financial information and credit worthiness and reviews financial plan recommendations to identify customer needs and opportunities for creating customer value
• Identifies relationship success factors while creating picture of customer, their financial relationships and needs
• Engages customers in problem-solving and creating their own profile and financial plan
• Partners with Financial Planning teammates to efficiently deliver a high quality financial plan to the customer

Customer Value Delivery:
• Manages own sales activities by setting goals, identifying targets, checking progress and maintaining efforts to sell, upsell, and cross-sell to the customer’s needs
• Demonstrates effective presentation skills in discussing financial plan recommendations and matching FTN products and services to customer needs
• Takes a positive and tactful, honest approach to discuss the customer’s financial gaps and goals outlined in the financial plan in terms of opportunities that can be supported by FTN products and services
• Continuously seeks customer understanding, agreement and commitment (verbals and non-verbals) regarding the product and service recommendations and redirects approach as needed to close the sale
• Demonstrates knowledge of FT products and services and customer needs by coordinating the appropriate FT specialists to build customer value with cross-selling efforts
• Builds confidence in the customer regarding the expertise of FTN specialists, the value of product and service recommendations and the ability of FTN to help him/her achieve financial goals
• Works to seek additional market, customer and FTN knowledge that supports delivering added customer value

Financial Center Portfolio Optimization:
• Demonstrates knowledge of the profitability of FT products through consultative sales actions and results
• Demonstrates understanding of the loyalty and profitability link by actively working to build customer value and retain profitable customer relationships
• Uses creative problem solving in customizing products, features and combinations to deliver personalized service without sacrificing profitability
• Reviews customer accounts, portfolio reports and market information to identify sales opportunities and drive revenue

Team Player/Business Partner:
• Shares and seeks information from internal business partners to leverage FTN specialists in servicing and cross-selling based on customer needs
• Develops cooperative relationships with Financial Center teammates and other FTN team members to keep current on internal trends, policies, procedures, goals and efforts and delivery customer value
• Actively listens to FTN team members’ concerns about customer issues
• Seeks out coaches and mentors to use as a resource in helping serve and sell to customer needs
• Serves as a coach to others by sharing lessons learned and best practices to help teammates and specialists serve and sell to customer needs
  • All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender stereo typing, and age. First Tennessee is an EO employer – M/F/Vets/Disabled.
  • Please view Equal Employment Opportunity Posters provided by OFCCP